Towards Others

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.-Ephesians 4:32

How different would your life be if you applied this verse to it? Be kind. Be compassionate. Forgive people. There are people I know that are still holding on to anger from 30 years ago. It has impacted every part of their life. Home. Church. Work. Health. Marriage. Friendship. An unforgiving attitude ferments, souring until it becomes bitterness. It makes it practically impossible to be compassionate and kind to others, because anger is the only color you see.
On another note, it’s really not that hard to be kind to people and to show compassion. You can express these the most simplest of ways. 1) Smile, 2) open the door for someone else 3) say thank you 4)greet people 5) do something nice for somebody else. With the loss of chivalry, we have also gotten out of the habit of kindness. In our age of narcissim, it’s hard to think of others because we’re busy thinking about ourselves. Being kind, being compassionate, and forgiving others are unselfish actions calling for daily, small sacrifices on our part. Unselfish acts cause us to put others first; pausing to actually consider the impact we’re having as individuals on the life of another. One smile from you can change so many things. Life is better if you laugh. Today, be kind, be compassionate, be forgiving. Peace.

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