What’s Cooking On Your Blog?

Are your posts boiling over with traffic and tons of engagement or is your blog resting at a slow simmer? Low and slow is a perfect method for cooking a brisket. But, truthfully, not so much for growing your blog. Perhaps your blog is on ice or maybe it’s stashed away with those leftovers you intended to eat but forgot you had in the fridge.

No worries.

Hopefully, through this post, I can provide you a cup of encouragement and help you spice up your blogging adventures.

Before focusing on ministry,  I spent over half my life working in the food business in a variety of roles. Which is a good thing because I love food and enjoy the hustle-and-bustle a restaurant provides. And even now, I still find myself thinking in restaurant and food terms. Who knows…maybe there’s another restaurant gig in my future? 

The thing I love about food and restaurants is actually the same thing that fuels both my ministry and my blogging: people. I love engaging people in conversations, listening to their stories, and sharing in their joys and challenges.


What’s That Smell?

Blogging is a lot like cooking a great meal. You have to have the right ingredients. This begins with deciding on the meal you’re preparing. In the same token, cultivating a clear idea of what your blog is about will help you reach the audience you desire and hope to attract to your blog.

Too Much Salt, Not Enough Pepper?

The right blend of ingredients is what makes a meal a tasty success. Catchy titles, enticing images, and engaging prose are ingredients that impact the flavor of your blog. Any chef worth his/her salt will tell you that the better the quality of your ingredients the better the meal will be that you produce. The same goes for blogging. You’ve got to tickle your readers’ tastebuds, satisfying their appetite, and giving them an experience to remember.

“The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” ~ Mark Twain

We Eat With Our Eyes First

People are more willing to try new cuisine if it looks good. Visually appealing food tastes better. The appearance of your blog goes a long way in attracting readers. This includes images and other media that are sprinkled throughout your post. Unlike writing a novel, blogging combines the mediums of writing and visual arts. A great blog consists of appealing, intriguing images framed within the borders defined by your words and whitespace.

Don’t Over Fill Your Canvas

The amount of ingredients is as important to cooking up a good blog like any other part of your recipe for blogging success. Too much of a good thing isn’t better. It’s simply too much. If you crowd your soup with too many ingredients, you won’t have much room for the actual broth that makes for a tasty soup. At the same time, one tiny bite-sized chunk of chicken doesn’t make much of a chicken noodle soup.


Sharing is Caring

The best meals are the ones we eat with others. Family, friends, co-workers, and the like make eating a meal more enjoyable and remove the hum-drum loneliness of eating alone. The same is true for blogging. Blogging without the engagement of others is a BIG YAWN! If you want others to take an interest in the foods you like, you need to show interest in the foods they like. Expanding your food palette requires trying new things. If you’re serious about getting people to read your blog, take time to read what other people are blogging about-both in your area of interest and outside your areas of comfort. Be willing to try new things.

“I sincerely believe blogging can save America.”~ John Jay Hooker

Simmer Then Stir

This isn’t an exhaustive, comprehensive list of ingredients for successful blogging. I’m just hitting a few highlights that have helped me improve my overall blogging experience in addition to growing my blog’s audience. Hopefully, you’ll find them helpful to you.

What’s cooking on your blog?

As always, thanks for reading. For nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37)


The Devotional Guy™


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