My Saturday Evening Post | Keys to Improving Your Blogging Experience

I’ve heard it said people don’t read words anymore. Apparently, people prefer pictures. So why blog?

Believe me, I’ve asked myself that question more than once. For me, it’s a way to communicate ideas, chronicle events, and create community.

What we think influences what we say which impacts what we do.

When we think discouraging, defeatist thoughts we yield negative results. We tend not to do that which we know we should do, like devote time to planning our posts, scheduling time to sit down and write, or reading other people’s blogs. In blogging, like all other things, the principle of sowing and reaping rings true.

Part of our responsibility as bloggers, if we want to grow, is to invest time in our growth. This means learning what makes a good blog great. It means developing the skills necessary to understand what improves the chances of our blogpost being read. If I want to become good at tennis, I need to invest time in learning how to play the game and developing the skills needed to play well. As a blogger, I need to learn what makes a blog standout in the crowded blogosphere, if I want my voice to be heard. I reap what I sow.

In order to create fresh content, I need to experience life. This means getting out and about and continually challenging myself to try new things. It may mean that if I’m a homebody I need to push myself out the door and into the world. It also helps to identify those things that I already do that I may have a unique perspective on or special expertise in that I can share with others. I not only need to know what I am writing about but risk being vulnerable by being transparent. It’s imperative I focus on those things in which I am a subject expert while continuing to hone those knowledge areas where I may be lacking. I’ve heard it said though, in order to be great, focus on what you’re good at because the distance from good to great is a fraction of what it is to go from bad to good. But even though the distance between good and great maybe marginal, it can be no less challenging. Rewards come to those willing to go walk the extra mile. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Focus on your strengths and build on them first and foremost. What do you do better than anybody?

The best part of blogging, I think, is the sense of belonging to a community. That belonging prospers when I spend time reading other people’s posts. Over the years of blogging, I’ve noticed that the amount of engagement I receive directly correlates to the engagement I give. Commenting on other people’s blogs is a sure fire way to encourage others to comment on your posts. But be genuine. Don’t write something just for the sake of snagging a bite. Be consistent and remain persistent and be honest and real. Encourage others who are writing blogs because you too need encouragement. This probably means stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t let fear hinder you from being all that you were created to be. You’re the only you there is.

That’s my two cents on improving your blogging experience. Take what you like, leave the rest.

Happy blogging!

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Thanks, Rainer. Yours is a good two cents worth. The sense of community here on WP is one of my favorite things about blogging.

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  2. Thank you for commenting snd sharing your thoughts, David. I’m grateful for your faithful encouragement.

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  3. Andrea John says:

    Blogging may not have the glitter it once had, but there is a market for it. People who love to learn and write will always be here. Like you said, it’s a community. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the read

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  4. Well said, Andrea. I wholeheartedly agree. And who knows, blogging may still find its best days laying on the road ahead. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  5. Alan Kearns says:

    Good post Rainer, I think it’s worth onsiderably more than two cents! It is always good to assess where your blog is and ask if you could make it better. God bless you brother.

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  6. Thanks Alan! I appreciate your continued encouragement.

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  7. I think when I was blogging long time ago, it made me feel good to share my ideas. And I still keep blogging not only just to feel good but also I want to improve myself with the help of seeing other people’s reactions to my posts. How can I do it better or their beliefs that can help me to see different perspectives! Thank you for sharing your ideas! 🙂

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  8. Yes, we can learn a lot from our fellow bloggers through sharing what we found world for us. I agree that there is something rewarding about cultivating a space for sharing your ideas, thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  9. Definitely, I think blogging makes us privileged. You’re welcome ☺️

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  10. usfman says:

    The curiosity to travel plays a major role in my blogging efforts.When I’m not traveling, I depend on intuition more than experience to lead my way.

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  11. Travel can be a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  12. Sue Loeffler says:

    Thank you for your blogging encouragement. I ofter overlook the wonderful effects of our WP community, because I get bogged down in research for content and pictures for my posts. As Christians, we have a big purpose in each post to share God’s amazing love and light. God bless your blogging.

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  13. Thank you as well. Yes, indeed. We need to lift one another up. 🙏 Amen


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