Kicking Off 2023 | Writing My Own Psalms [Modern Psalm 7]

Happy Saturday! To kick off 2023 on a path to spiritual fitness, I decided to take a deep dive into the book of Psalms. This includes writing my own.

In writing my own psalms, I can share my personal experiences with God and share my testimony—what God has done, is doing, and will do in my life. In other words, creating my own psalms allows me to tell my rescue story.

I’ve heard the Psalms referenced both as the “Songbook of the Scriptures” and the “Prayer Book of the Bible.” I believe both are accurate descriptions. However, the Psalms are also medicinal and healing as well as nutritional, nourishing our soul as we soak in them.

We can find encouragement in the psalms amid anger, confusion, hurt, and fear. In the words of the psalmist, we unearth hope and joy and discover love and worship.

Whereas the Bible is God’s word to us, prayer is our word with Him. In prayer,we enter into a deeply personal conversation with our Creator. The Psalms are a perfect representation of this type of heartfelt spiritual interaction.

In this season, during which it is often hard to distinguish morning from night, let us continue pray and praise His name. After all, He alone is worthy.

Rainer Bantau
The Devotional Guy™

Modern Psalm 7

1 Whether my heart is empty or full, Lord help me pray. Lead me to You O Lord through the path of prayer. Allow your humble servant to speak to You, O Holy God.

2 God, You are my shield and my rock. You are my shelter amid the storms. O my Lord, it’s been said when it rains it pours. Thankfully, You are a faithful God who steadfastly watches over me, regardless of the situation or circumstance I find myself in.

3 Your angel armies look out for me, ready to fight the battles my own eyes cannot see. You protect me and keep me out of harm’s way even when I mistakenly stray into deep waters that can swallow me whole.

4 Let me proclaim Your Great Name far and near!

5 Let me bless Your Great Name today and forever!

6 You are a good God who shepherds His sheep, keeping watching over His plentiful flock. Praise You, O Lord! Praise Your Great Name!

I hope that this psalm that I wrote nourishes your soul and uplifts your spirit. Thank you so much for taking time to read what I wrote.

May the Lord shine His love and light on you.

Rainer Bantau
The Devotional Guy™


The Devotional Guy™ Rainer Bantau © 2023



  1. I love your modern Psalm, Rainer. God is my “Rescue Story” too! Blessings, brother.

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  2. That was beautiful. Thank you brother.

    Just read it out for my family over our very late brunch (12:15 here…)

    Andy B

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  3. Hallelujah! Thank you. That’s awesome.

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  4. This paragraph ministered to me …
    We can find encouragement in the psalms amid anger, confusion, hurt, and fear. In the words of the psalmist, we unearth hope and joy and discover love and worship.

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  5. Beautiful words!

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  6. Thank you my friend!

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  7. Amen, hallelujah!


  8. Beth Alisan says:

    That 2nd verse really resonated with me, Rainer. Right now I’m working on committing all the verses of a hymn to memory and that verse brought the words from the opening verse bubbling to mind “Oh God Our Help in Ages past/ Our hope for years to come,/ Our shelter from the stormy blast, /And our eternal home.”

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  9. I love that you were able to connect with this psalm, Beth and that you were able to tie it back to the hymn you are memorizing. That’s an old Issac Watts hymn, I believe? Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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  10. Amen! Ranier, these verses speak to me as an encouraging message that God is always walking with me. Blessings.

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  11. Yes, indeed He is. Thanks for reading!

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