It’s inclement weather time again here in Dallas

Yep, it’s that time again. Freezing cold temperatures started rolling in on Sunday. The forecast is calling for freezing rain and sleet as well over the next several days. Round 1 of freezing rain hit on Monday afternoon, wreaking havoc throughout the Metroplex.

Our team got the Inclement weather notification Sunday morning and by Sunday evening we were open at our emergency shelter.

It’s going well. Excellent, in fact. But there’s a lot of race left to run.

Rainer Bantau
The Devotional Guy™

I’d appreciate your prayers.

As my beautiful bride reminds me in her prayer:

One day at a time

One foot in front of the other

Focus on God

Don’t forget to breathe

This too shall pass

Be kind with your words

No one is guaranteed tomorrow

Terri’s Prayer ©2017 Terri Walker Bantau

Guests at our Emergency Inclement Weather Shelter

I am grateful to those of you who reached out about how my latest Psalm impacted you. Especially, verse 2, which seems to have resonated with many of you.

2 God, You are my shield and my rock. You are my shelter amid the storms. O my Lord, it’s been said when it rains it pours. Thankfully, You are a faithful God who steadfastly watches over me, regardless of the situation or circumstance I find myself in.

Modern Psalm 7 [©2023 Rainer Bantau

During a difficult moment, Terri reminded me of this verse I just wrote. It’s surreal to be ministered to by the words you wrote.

How does this verse speak to you?

Things are going well overall. However, I am encouraging you to pray for the work we are doing. We’ve had a couple of people trust in Christ.

We are fortunate to see God at work firsthand. This experience brings me great joy.

Gratefully ,

Rainer Bantau
The Devotional Guy™


The Devotional Guy™ Rainer Bantau © 2023




  1. Praying for safety and good conversations that lead others to Jesus 🙏

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  2. Verse two of your modern psalm reminds me that God is God—wherever you are. In good times and bad He remains faithful and unchanged.

    Nancy and I are praying that God will sustain you, and those with you, during these increased ministry inclement weather days.

    “It does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.” Romans 9:16 (NIV)

    Blessings, my brother!

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  3. Sending prayers for you, your team, and all those in your care. God bless you for all you do.

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  4. Amén. Thank you!


  5. Amen! Thank you!

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  6. Amen. Thank you!

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  7. Having some minor health issues at present so “This to shall pass” really helps.

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