A Contemporary Psalm of Resolve

I am raw and vulnerable. Last week, as one of my co-workers noted, I served as the human punching bag for other people. I’ve been praying through words that were said. Words that wounded. Words that cut deep. Anger and frustration that scorched relationships. Anger that hurt.

As a Christian, I know that I am supposed to forgive. And I can. But can I forget? I don’t know. Having been in my share of toxic relationships, I’m not sure forgetting is healthy. Will anything have changed?

As a leader, I am used to attacks. Yet, knowing that fact doesn’t make them easy to take.

What can I do but cry out to God?

What can I do but cling to my Lord and Savior, Jesus?

I’m not sure.

My heart hurts. I am in pain.

I pray all is well with you and your soul.

With abundant mercies and grace,

Rainer Bantau

The Devotional Guy™

“When Jesus Christ was in the garden of Gethsemane and the ultimate darkness was coming down on him and he knew it was coming, he didn’t abandon you; he died for you. If Jesus Christ didn’t abandon you in his darkness, the ultimate darkness, why would he abandon you now, in yours?”

Timothy Keller

A Contemporary Psalm of Resolve

O Lord, my heart cries out to You! Amidst this battle, as enemies pursue me, as a leader with a target on my back, I pray O Holy Spirit, help me stand firm. As I face trials and spiritual attacks, grant me strength and courage I need. Help me stand firm in my faith, in my God, in You, Jesus.

As the forces of darkness surround me, I will trust in Your power, God almighty and supreme. People scheme and plot to see me fall, yet You are my shield; You are my all in all. Even though battles rage, I will not fear, for I know You are always near.

In the midst of this spiritual warfare, I shall cling to You, my Rock, my solace, my Comforter, my care. Give me wisdom, discernment, and grace. Help me lead in righteous embrace, clinging to Your Name, above all Names. May the target on my back not prevail. I know Your love and strength will never fail.

Arrows of doubt pierce my soul. Yet, I know, Your truth sustains me, making me whole. In prayer, I will find refuge, comfort, and peace. Through the storms, You guide my way. Please O God, renew my spirit day by day.

Though adversaries rise against me, let me hold onto Your promises, forever. Your Spirit equips me with armor, tried and true. I know that I face these battles, my God, with You. My enemy’s plans will come to nothing. Remind me, O Lord, I am only fighting battles that you’ve already won.

As weariness tries to overtake my soul, Your Holy Spirit restores me. I fix my eyes upon Jesus, finding solace in His unfailing grace. In this battle, I will not be shaken. I will not be moved. For I am in Your hands, my eternity secure.

Even though the path is treacherous and steep, In Your presence, I find comfort and peace. For You, O God, are my refuge and my fortress. You are my guide, O Lord. Where You lead, I will follow. Even though the spiritual battle is fierce, I trust that in You, I will find victory.

O Lord, I surrender my fears and strife, into Your hands. I cast my cares at the foot of Your throne. I yield my life and my will to Yours. May Your Kingdom come, may Your will be done! In all I do, may I trust in You, You are steadfast, faithful and true. As I walk through the valley, dark and deep, I know Your promises, my soul will keep. May You, O God, continue to strengthen my resolve.

Rainer Bantau The Devotional Guy™


The Devotional Guy™ Rainer Bantau © 2023



  1. DrMAJ says:

    I SO needed this today. Thank you!

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  2. You’re welcome. Glad you found it helpful. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  3. DrMAJ says:

    I needed this today. Thank you!

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  4. I’m sorry, Rainer. Words can cut deep. Even though we are called to forgive, it is difficult to do so. And as you said, it can hard to forget as well. I am praying for you and the situation. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

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  5. Thanks, Bridget. Accompanied by blustering body language, each situation grew with a sense of impending violence. It’s left me rather troubled and discouraged. Thanks for reading. 🙏

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  6. Praying that your journey in the days ahead offers opportunities to see God’s grace at work. At the same time, the Lord will strengthen your own resolve because of your faithful relationship with Him. Blessings Ranier.

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  7. Amen 🙏 thank you!


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