Evening Prayer | 8.26.2019

As the sun goes down on another day, hear our prayers, O Lord. Father God, I am thankful for so much today. Because of You, my cup overflows and I am overjoyed at what I see You doing in and thru me. Thank You, God, for my loved ones. My family. My friends. My brothers … Continue reading Evening Prayer | 8.26.2019

Evening Prayer 20 | 11.7.2018

In the wake of the mid-term elections, Father God, help us come together as a people. We pray for unity so that our nation may move forward. None of us can have everything we want, Father God. Nor should we. Help us employ wisdom and discernment as we tackle big problems together. Let the spirit … Continue reading Evening Prayer 20 | 11.7.2018

Evening Prayer 19

Father God, thank You for loving us and granting us another week to share the truth of Your promises. We are grateful for Your love, watch-care, and provision. You have blessed us beyond measure. Lord, please help us help those who are in need. May we show them the loving-kindness You have shown us. Let … Continue reading Evening Prayer 19