Sunday Prayer | November 1, 2020

I hope you have had a joyous Sunday. The weather here has been beautiful all day. Church this morning was a precious time. I enjoyed seeing people I had not seen face to face in a number of weeks. Last week was a busy week, but Mom's recovery continues to go well. She has made … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | November 1, 2020

Sunday Prayer | Fear is Not Our Guide

Headed to meet my Sweet T at a family restaurant located just off Interstate 20 called The Farmhouse, I jammed out to the Demon Hunter record “Peace,” released back in 2019. It’s got some good thrashing jams with Christian themes, including one number called “Fear Is Not My Guide.” What a fitting statement for these … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | Fear is Not Our Guide

Sunday Prayer | October 18, 2020

As I awake this morning, drink my coffee, and put the finishing touches on this morning’s Sunday School lesson, I am reminded of how much we need prayer. As I recently shared with one of my most faithful readers, I believe that prayer is a practice and discipline that we all have ample room to … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | October 18, 2020