Wednesday Wisdom | March 31, 2021

Today would have been my Dad's 86th birthday. He's been gone since March 2008. A lot has happened in my life since his passing. I'm not sure he'd approve of all that's occurred in my life but I'd like to believe he'd be pleased with the man I am today. Dad and I shared a … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom | March 31, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom | Guard Your Heart

One of the key verses Sweet T and I have committed to memory is found in Chapter 4 of the Book of Proverbs. The latter verses (20-27) in Proverbs 4 encourage us to take a personal spiritual inventory to check and see if we're actually living a life that is pleasing to the Lord and … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom | Guard Your Heart

Wednesday Wisdom | The Beginning of Wisdom

Wisdom literature is a form of writing that was common among the nations of the Ancient Near East, including Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Canaan, and Israel. Sages, wise men, and court scribes shared practical, intelligent maxims concerning how to live life well and contemplated the meaning and value of being human. Mashals were the most common … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom | The Beginning of Wisdom