Wednesday Wisdom | Guard Your Heart

One of the key verses Sweet T and I have committed to memory is found in Chapter 4 of the Book of Proverbs. The latter verses (20-27) in Proverbs 4 encourage us to take a personal spiritual inventory to check and see if we're actually living a life that is pleasing to the Lord and … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom | Guard Your Heart

When People You Love Struggle With Addiction

As a recovering addict, it’s hard to see people I love struggle with addiction. I can certainly relate to having habits that are hard to break. Honestly, addiction is way more than a bad habit or undesirable behavior. Next week I’m teaching an "Overcomers" class down at a local homeless shelter. I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading When People You Love Struggle With Addiction

Speak truth. Breathe life. Give You.

There exists, in the human experience, a certain unity. Most of us are recovering from something or someone. Addicts are recovering from the train wreck that is our life. Our loved ones are recovering from us. We can be a hurricane, tornado, typhoon, and monsoon all rolled into one. The storm of us leaves a … Continue reading Speak truth. Breathe life. Give You.