Friday Devotional | October 16, 2020

The chill blew in yesterday afternoon and the ground is littered with leaves and pine needles. It’s only a glimpse of the season to come. While temperatures today won’t get out of the fifties, I’m told we will see temperatures near ninety by Sunday before settling into the seventies. Some days, it can be hard … Continue reading Friday Devotional | October 16, 2020

My Monday Morning Cup | What We Need Is Love

As a scrawny German kid moving from Schaffhausen, Switzerland to the East Texas town of Marshall, I didn’t know anything about racism. As we drove down the main drag of my new hometown, I didn’t know what the “whites only” sign on the local laundromat meant or how outrageous it was that it hung openly … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | What We Need Is Love

Treating Each Other Better

Ultimately, how we treat others speaks loudly about our love for Christ. “We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19 (ESV) In ethics class, we are taught that ethics is simply a matter of determining right from wrong. The trick lies in how we decide what is right or wrong. As a Christian, … Continue reading Treating Each Other Better