The Next Steps In My Writing Journey

This week, I started a new writing course centered on crafting personal essays. I enrolled in the class through Creative Nonfiction, a magazine focused on the craft of writing nonfiction stories, memoirs, and essays. The class I am taking lasts ten weeks and covers a broad range of topics geared to honing my ability to … Continue reading The Next Steps In My Writing Journey

Blake Kimzey to speak at Writers’ Guild of Texas

The Writers’ Guild of Texas (WGT) is a nonprofit organization serving the writing community of Texas. The Writers’ Guild of Texas provides peer support, information exchange, and formal and informal self-education opportunities for published and not-yet-published writers. Our meetings are full of interesting and informative presentations from various experts in the publishing industry, from authors to editors to publishers Author … Continue reading Blake Kimzey to speak at Writers’ Guild of Texas

Writers’ Guild of Texas

I’ve lived in Texas for over 40 years. Much of this time, I’ve spent doing various things, including honing my craft of writing. Near the end of last summer, I ran across a group designed to nurture local writers, to provide insights into the creative process and the business of writing through monthly speakers and … Continue reading Writers’ Guild of Texas