Morning Prayer 11 | Peace

The Apostle Paul follows up love and joy with peace.  Peace is an inner quietness marked by a freedom of worry. Peace is an elusive state in our modern, hyper-connected world. There’s so much to worry and fret over that having our souls rest in stillness, free from anxiety, seems like an insurmountable task. Something … Continue reading Morning Prayer 11 | Peace

The Seven Wonders of God

The late Reverend Billy Graham once spoke about the seven wonders of God. Reverend Graham noted that the first wonder of God is His love. Imagine, the Creator of Everything, loves us and is interested in you and me as if we were the only people who had ever lived. This is true even as … Continue reading The Seven Wonders of God

There is a God and He Loves You

The world received news that early Wednesday morning God called the Reverend Billy Graham home. A giant of the faith whose sharing of the Gospel to over 215 million people who attended one of his more than 400 Crusades is unparalleled in modern times. Truthfully, only Jesus' ministry reached more people. Whereas God used Paul to … Continue reading There is a God and He Loves You