Weekend Edition & Sunday Prayer

What a beautiful weekend we are blessed with here in Texas! The sun has been out for the most part. We did get a burst of showers on Saturday, but today looks to be bright & sunny. Hopefully, you and yours can get outside and soak in some Vitamin D. This COVID shut down has … Continue reading Weekend Edition & Sunday Prayer

National One Hit Wonder Day 2019

Happy National One-Hit Wonder Day! Man, what a busy month September has turned out to be. The past couple of weeks have been an incredible emotional whirlwind starting with rushing Sweet T's Momma to the ER a couple of Sundays ago, celebrating with Sweet T and friends at 3 different nighttime events, seeing God at … Continue reading National One Hit Wonder Day 2019

My Monday Morning Cup | The Cat People

Sweet T and I didn’t start out to be “The Cat People,” but yet here we are. Meet the newest addition to our B-family clowder, Smoke. He’s about 9 weeks old now. His momma, a neighborhood feral we call Ivy, birthed him in our backyard during the height of a summer storm. He nearly drowned … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | The Cat People