Sunday Prayer | The Sun Shines After the Rain

It is challenging to cultivate an attitude of gratitdue in a world crying in discord, screaming in anguish, and burning with rage. Amid the divisive vitrol spewing forth from every crack and crevice of society, you might lose sight of anything good or positive in the world. My mom has a saying she imparts anytime … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | The Sun Shines After the Rain

The COVID-19 Devotionals | Palm Sunday Prayer

Traditionally, Palm Sunday is the day that Christians commemorate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the Sunday before His passion and resurrection. This day marks the official, ceremonious presentation of Jesus Christ as Israel's king. In accordance with Old Testament prophecy, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a the foal of a donkey as a humble … Continue reading The COVID-19 Devotionals | Palm Sunday Prayer

So You’re New Here?

Welcome to The Devotional Guy™, a personal blog ministering to a world hungry for encouragement and thirsty for inspiration. So you're new here? Great! I'm glad you found this blog amid the sea of 500 million blogs populating the world-wide-web. I've collated several posts that hopefully will provide you with a big picture view of what … Continue reading So You’re New Here?