Wednesday Writers Pad: Are You a Competent Writer?

So, you’re a committed writer. But you’re struggling with your confidence and competence. Writing everyday will certainly help boost your confidence (some days) and build your competence (most days). I talk with aspiring writers all the time who lack confidence in their competence. They have a story to tell, but do not fill equipped to … Continue reading Wednesday Writers Pad: Are You a Competent Writer?

The Seven Wonders of God

The late Reverend Billy Graham once spoke about the seven wonders of God. Reverend Graham noted that the first wonder of God is His love. Imagine, the Creator of Everything, loves us and is interested in you and me as if we were the only people who had ever lived. This is true even as … Continue reading The Seven Wonders of God

Blogging Isn’t All PJs and Coffee

Blogging takes time and commitment. Anything you want to be good at typically does. I imagine when you meet someone new a similar conversation might ensue: “What do you do?” “I’m a blogger.” Befuddlement hijacks their countenance. Some of them are thinking, “That can’t be too hard.” Others have zero idea what that means. Don't … Continue reading Blogging Isn’t All PJs and Coffee