New Year’s Day 2021 | Looking Forward to a Fantastic Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021! WOW! The new year has officially arrived. How did you ring in 2021? As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the word of the year for the Bantau family is transition. As we head into 2021, Sweet T and I know that there will be changes. There will be some … Continue reading New Year’s Day 2021 | Looking Forward to a Fantastic Year!

Saturday Scripture | Christ, Our Peace

Last week, we briefly looked at the grace we have in God through Christ. Before our salvation, we were one way. Afterward, we are another. We are different relationally and positionally in connection to God. We are no longer apart from God, but rather a member of the body called to do the work He … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | Christ, Our Peace

Friday Devotional | October 9, 2020

Nobody listens anymore. There is a lot of talking going on. Frequently, we hear to reply. We ask to insinuate, ignite, and infuriate. We do not wait for a response to our agenda soaked questions. We already know what we are going to say before they say what they want to say. At least we … Continue reading Friday Devotional | October 9, 2020