The COVID-19 Devotionals | Day 37!

Welcome to The COVID-19 Devotionals | Day 37! Part of me wants to end this series, especially since it looks like local, state, and federal governments are starting to open things back up, but I think we are merely turning the page and beginning Part Two of this surreal creative non-fiction story. While I doubt this … Continue reading The COVID-19 Devotionals | Day 37!

7 Scriptures | Tackling the Unsettling Terror of Uncertainty Together

I woke up later than planned. The voice speaking on my radio alarm clock announced, “Breaking news out of New York. An airplane has crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.” Thinking I hadn’t heard right, I sat up on the edge of my bed. The announcer repeated his words. “Again, we … Continue reading 7 Scriptures | Tackling the Unsettling Terror of Uncertainty Together

Psalm Saturday| Living in Unity

Happy Saturday! I pray you've had a great week. For me, the last few weeks have been colored with several sightings of God at work through my interactions with other people. As Sweet T and I continue preparing for OCC's National Collection Week, we've met a couple of new ministry partners and are excited about … Continue reading Psalm Saturday| Living in Unity