My Monday Morning Cup | Joy Sprouts Praise

Kindness Elicits Gratitude When we express gratitude, we distinguish ourselves from those separated from God and still struggling to make life work on their own terms. Our attitude of gratitude demonstrates the love of God living inside us and draws people to us. Gratitude Fosters Joy Joy is as vital to our living a life … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | Joy Sprouts Praise

Wednesday Devotional | October 14, 2029

As I shared in yesterday’s post, life is filled with decisions. Often, our choices are clear cut; between a good thing and a bad alternative. Sometimes, we are faced with deciding between two good things, neither wrong in and of itself, but one being more right for that moment in time. On a few occasions, … Continue reading Wednesday Devotional | October 14, 2029

Sunday Prayer | October 11, 2020

Prayer is a vital part of any believers walk with God. Our time spent in close communion with God is precious. We know from Genesis 2:8 that the Lord walked in Eden in the evening, when there was a breeze. The passage goes on to show us God looking for Adam and Eve. His creation … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | October 11, 2020