My Monday Morning Cup | Are You Starting a NEW Job Today?

The economic shutdown from the COVID (how they say it down here) resulted in tens of millions of people losing their job just like the man we highlighted in one of last week‘s posts. In recent weeks, companies are rehiring. Some, like grocery stores and delivery services, experienced a business upturn and as a result … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | Are You Starting a NEW Job Today?

Saturday Scripture | October 24, 2020

Our men’s ministry at church—Ironworks—is continuing our journey through Ephesians. We’ve had some great discussions as we slowly digest Paul’s magnificent circular letter written nearly two-thousand years ago. Can you imagine people studying one of your emails two millenniums from now? Two weeks ago, we looked at how we have peace with God through Jesus … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | October 24, 2020

Saturday Scripture | Christ, Our Peace

Last week, we briefly looked at the grace we have in God through Christ. Before our salvation, we were one way. Afterward, we are another. We are different relationally and positionally in connection to God. We are no longer apart from God, but rather a member of the body called to do the work He … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | Christ, Our Peace