Sunday Prayer | 7 Tips for Processing Criticism with Excellence

Like many people around the globe, Terri and I have been watching "The Chosen," a crowd-funded television program created by Dallas Jenkins that is based on the life of Jesus Christ. The cast includes Jonathan Roumie as Jesus of Nazareth, Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter, Paras Patel as Matthew the Apostle, and Elizabeth Tabish portraying … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | 7 Tips for Processing Criticism with Excellence

Christmas is Almost Here…!

It's finally time for another edition of My Monday Morning Cup. Ok, you're right. It's really more like Monday Afternoon Cup, but hey I got busy with some other stuff this morning. And I'm drinking decaf. Does that even count??? Christmas Day will be here a week from tomorrow. That means 2018 is about over … Continue reading Christmas is Almost Here…!

My Two Cents: Be All In

Recently, after attending an Easter celebration at my alma mater, Dallas Baptist University, Sweet T and I drove through the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. Terri’s mom, Joyce, accompanied us that evening. We were in awe of all the rows of headstones marking lives of service and sacrifice. Memorial Day is a federal holiday set aside … Continue reading My Two Cents: Be All In