3 Critical Takeaways From How Kobe Lived

Retired NBA player Kobe Bryant dead. The text notification flashed across the screen of my smartphone as I tossed the bundle of Sunday morning stuff I held in my hands on the baby grand piano occupying our living room. I rushed over to disarm our alarm, shaking my head. Surely, I’d misread the notification. I … Continue reading 3 Critical Takeaways From How Kobe Lived

Choose Life.

I've struggled finding my serenity lately. I've been a bit rattled and feeling a little unraveled. Addiction is a disease. Left untreated, I tend to break out in handcuffs. Accepting that addiction is an illness means recognizing that fueling and feeding my disease with drugs and alcohol leads to no good. It's hard for people … Continue reading Choose Life.

Are You Prepared to Die?

Even though we all know that we are bound to die, death nonetheless manages to catch most of us by surprise. Have you given any thought to your funeral? Will you be buried or cremated? Are you an organ donor? How will the cost of your funeral be covered? Where will you spend eternity? Have … Continue reading Are You Prepared to Die?