My Monday Morning Cup | What is Godly Leadership?

Despite an enormous embarrassment of riches, knowledge, and information, godly leadership appears to be hard to find in our present day age. Of course, leading people is challenging any time. Moses faced leadership challenges, as did other leaders we read about in the Bible. Recent events bear witness that today's leaders face a sea of … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | What is Godly Leadership?

Pitfalls of Being a Micromanager

Micromanagement describes managing by exerting control through excessive attention to minor details. If you’ve spent any time in management at all, you’re familiar with the old proverb exhorting us to avoid majoring in minors. The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule, contends that 80% of effects result from 20% of the causes. For … Continue reading Pitfalls of Being a Micromanager