Amazing Grace

John Newton, the writer of the hymn “Amazing Grace,” was merely a young boy when his mother died. Seeing no other palatable options, Newton’s father, a sailor, took the young eleven-year-old boy out to sea with him. And thus, began the long winding road that would take young John Newton from conscript to deserter, toContinue reading “Amazing Grace”

Where do we go from here?

Like many of you, my heart has felt heavy since the events of last Thursday night,  July 7,  that saw a lone gunman murder 4 Dallas Police officers and 1 DART officer. In the days and nights since, I have been filled with grief,  burned with frustration at the foolishness of a few, and overwhelmed at witnessing firsthandContinue reading “Where do we go from here?”


We may not like to admit it, but for each of us, sin is a giant problem. Sin inches into our lives, directs our path, guides our decisions, and perverts our perspective. Sin’s pull on us is strong. Daily, we battle sin’s desire to exert dominion over us. Through God’s personal revelation to us, weContinue reading “Repentance”