Weekend Edition & Sunday Prayer

What a beautiful weekend we are blessed with here in Texas! The sun has been out for the most part. We did get a burst of showers on Saturday, but today looks to be bright & sunny. Hopefully, you and yours can get outside and soak in some Vitamin D. This COVID shut down has … Continue reading Weekend Edition & Sunday Prayer

Freeing Your Today from Yesterday’s Pain

Several years ago, Sweet T and I had the opportunity to tour Israel, including Jerusalem. One of the places we visited is the legendary healing pools of Bethesda. In biblical times, seas of hurting and disabled people swarmed around the porticoes because of the healing properties believed to be in the water. Perhaps the warmth … Continue reading Freeing Your Today from Yesterday’s Pain

The Seven Wonders of God

The late Reverend Billy Graham once spoke about the seven wonders of God. Reverend Graham noted that the first wonder of God is His love. Imagine, the Creator of Everything, loves us and is interested in you and me as if we were the only people who had ever lived. This is true even as … Continue reading The Seven Wonders of God