My Thursday Thoughts | Finding Our Satisfaction in Jesus

This week I am blessed to preach twice. Once at OurChurch, our Wednesday morning church service at OurCalling, and again on Friday night at Union Gospel Mission Dallas. In preparing for these two messages, I’ve spent quite a bit of time immersed in the Gospel of Mark and God’s Word in general. The Lord is … Continue reading My Thursday Thoughts | Finding Our Satisfaction in Jesus

Saturday in the Word | Psalm 100

In the past twelve months, a lot changed in my life. A lot of good mixed in with a few challenges. But that’s been true throughout my journey with the Lord. While God doesn’t change, life does. Change happens as we grow in Christ. Once we were one way. Now we are different. The delta … Continue reading Saturday in the Word | Psalm 100

Wednesday Wisdom | What is Discipleship?

Life is hard. People are messy. I’m not perfect. I believe these three truths go a long way toward informing our working definition of discipleship. Have you been discipled? Are you currently discipling someone? How is that going? The goal of discipleship is to help people grow to become more like Jesus. Helping Christians live … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom | What is Discipleship?