More Gratitude, More Kindness

The world could stand some more kindness. Our world would benefit from more gratitude. Gratitude and kindness have preoccupied my mind the past few days. In the past week, God has shown me many things to be grateful for and revealed to me numerous acts of kindness. Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to share … Continue reading More Gratitude, More Kindness

Whatever You Do For the Least of These

Chances are you've seen them as you've been driving around Dallas. Maybe you've been at an intersection, about to get on a nearby freeway, and you spot some cardboard or a backpack and a sleeping bag roll strategically placed under a bridge or perhaps you've even spotted signs of a village consisting of tent roofs nestled out of notice, … Continue reading Whatever You Do For the Least of These

How Can I Help You Today?

My parents taught me to help others. If you’re able to help someone, why wouldn’t you? I feel the most right in the universe when I help the people who I can. By the same token, I feel totally out-of-place when I don’t help someone who I can. That’s right. I don’t always help others … Continue reading How Can I Help You Today?