Thursday Devotional | A Season to be Gracious and Kind

The man instructing our group of volunteers at Our Calling told us, "Be gracious and kind," as we prepared to help homeless men and women get out of the freezing temps and into a hotel room for the night. I had received the notificiation to serve at the Dallas-based homeless ministry Our Calling the day … Continue reading Thursday Devotional | A Season to be Gracious and Kind

Psalm Saturday: Praise the Lord!

Good morning. I hope your Saturday is off to a fantastic start. For this week's edition of Psalm Saturday, we will focus on the beautiful Psalm 146. Last night, during our monthly chapel service at Union Gospel Mission Dallas, Ann Bailey, recited this psalm from memory. What a blessing! Ann and her husband Bill have … Continue reading Psalm Saturday: Praise the Lord!

Help Me See

It’s Friday, and the rain continues pouring down as it has the past several hours. Stepping outside, the air is fresh and a little cooler than recent days. While we had a shortage of rain in May, the weather in June certainly has worked hard to compensate for any previous shortfall. I don’t know about … Continue reading Help Me See