Psalm Saturday | Humbly Believe in God

What comes to your mind when you think about God? Our thoughts, motives, and actions reveal who we really are and speak volumes about our attitudes, beliefs, and values. A short, but powerful stanza amid the Song of Ascents, Psalm 131, David speaks about his humble dependence on the Lord as he exhorts Israel to … Continue reading Psalm Saturday | Humbly Believe in God

Sunday Prayer | May We Humble Ourselves

This morning as I wake, I wonder what is going on in our world. Division and strife fuel the globe. Each day, we are repulsed by a horrific act, like a man throwing a woman and her son into the path of an oncoming train or some lost, angry soul slaughtering innocents shopping on a … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | May We Humble Ourselves

Sunday Prayer | God of Mercy

God desires us to practice justice rather than continuing to practice unfairness and injustice toward each other. The Lord wants us to love mercy, showing others the same loving kindness God has shown us. As believers, we should depend on the Lord, remain humble, not arrogantly pursuing selfish gain for ourselves but instead submitting to … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | God of Mercy