Sunday Prayer: First Advent

The Advent season ushers in a two-fold reason for celebrating for Christians all around the globe. First, Christians today commemorate the birth of the Messiah in a tiny manger in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. We anticipate and prepare for a day of celebration of this life-changing event. Life before the Incarnation would not be … Continue reading Sunday Prayer: First Advent

What is the Christians response the day after Christmas?

The house is quiet. The presents have been opened, the goodies have been consumed, the last piece of pie has been eaten. Maybe you've even started taking the decorations and the tree down. Another Christmas has come and gone. So what is the proper Christian response to the passing of yet another Christmas? Praise. Yes, … Continue reading What is the Christians response the day after Christmas?

Why Christmas is Merry

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day mark a transformational event in the history of humanity. For centuries upon centuries, people all around the world have paused, gathered and celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, God-Incarnate, God WITH Us.  Yes, indeed, God becoming Man through the person of Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. It is this world-shattering, life-altering event … Continue reading Why Christmas is Merry