Sunday Morning Prayer | Labor Day Prayer

Monday, September 6, 2021, Americans celebrate Labor Day. It is a time celebration, commemorating the myriad of contributions and achievements of American workers. The holiday, traditionally celebrated on the first Monday of every September, often features backyard cookouts, carnivals, parades, and fireworks. Labor Day marks the unofficial end of cultural summer, ushering in the beginning … Continue reading Sunday Morning Prayer | Labor Day Prayer

My Monday Morning Cup | Glorifying God Through Our Work

We are all called to work. I have spent a good portion of my life studying work, in addition to working. As a young boy, my Dad would often take me to his work, especially on Saturday mornings when he made his rounds to see how things were going at the pottery plant he worked … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | Glorifying God Through Our Work

Labor Day Memories

With the Labor Day holiday upon us, I am reminded of childhood memories regarding one of my favorite holidays. Back then, Labor Day weekend served as the last big hurrah of Summer break. Mixed emotions ruled the day, not wanting the Summer vacation to end just yet while simultaneously anticipating the new school year, making … Continue reading Labor Day Memories