Friday Devotional | October 9, 2020

Nobody listens anymore. There is a lot of talking going on. Frequently, we hear to reply. We ask to insinuate, ignite, and infuriate. We do not wait for a response to our agenda soaked questions. We already know what we are going to say before they say what they want to say. At least we … Continue reading Friday Devotional | October 9, 2020

The COVID-19 Devotionals | Day 9

Yesterday, during the daily White House briefing, the President and his team shared grim news that the next 2-3 weeks will test our strength and try our endurance as a nation as the National COVID-19 Task Force projected potential death toll of 100,000-240,000 people. A ministry brother recently posted a link to a recent Time … Continue reading The COVID-19 Devotionals | Day 9

Psalm Saturday | Psalm 25

I'm rekindling the exploration of psalms that I began here on The Devotional Guy last year. I hope you'll join me so we can learn more about the book that the Hebrews commonly call "Songs of Praise." PSALM 25 In Hebrew, the book of Psalms is known as “Songs of Praise.” On the one hand, … Continue reading Psalm Saturday | Psalm 25