Lent: Finding God in the Noise

There's been a lot of noise in my head leading up to Lent. I find myself talking to God, asking Him lots of questions, but not necessarily getting an immediate answer in return. And yes, I expect to hear back from Him. No, I'm not sitting in front of my laptop anticipating an email from … Continue reading Lent: Finding God in the Noise

Sunday Prayer | 3.3.2019

Lent officially begins this coming Wednesday, March 6. If you're like me, your head may be spinning trying to comprehend that it is already March. But, hey, ready or not, here it is. What is Lent? Lent is a solemn religious Christian observance beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending approximately six weeks later, just before … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | 3.3.2019

Lent 2017

How Are You Observing Lent This Year? With today being Ash Wednesday, believers around the world start observing Lent. Lent is the annual time of fasting and reflection that begins the forty days before Easter, excluding Sunday. This year, Lent runs from March 1 to April 16 (Easter Sunday). Lent commemorates the 40 days Jesus … Continue reading Lent 2017