My Monday Morning Cup | Diversity: More Than Meets the Eye

Over the weekend I started reading “The Listening Road," a book by Neil Tomba. Tomba is a pastor who shepherds Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, Texas. His book is a spiritual exploration of how the church engages people outside the church in important, albeit challenging, conversations. In his book, Tomba shares that during his bike … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | Diversity: More Than Meets the Eye

Thursday Thoughts | Listening Exceedingly Well

Good leaders communicate well. Great leaders know how to listen. “The Lord gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason,” I’ve often heard it said. Choose wisely. Yes, wisdom guides us when we should speak and when we should listen. We should try to listen twice as much as we speak and when … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts | Listening Exceedingly Well

Friday Devotional | October 9, 2020

Nobody listens anymore. There is a lot of talking going on. Frequently, we hear to reply. We ask to insinuate, ignite, and infuriate. We do not wait for a response to our agenda soaked questions. We already know what we are going to say before they say what they want to say. At least we … Continue reading Friday Devotional | October 9, 2020