Daily Devotional | Saturday AM

We all experience loss. We often associate loss and grief in connection with dying. Life is filled with other forms of loss including losing a job, a home, and a marriage. We experience loss of independence through aging, disability, and illness.  As believers walking alongside others as they deal with grief, we can share God's … Continue reading Daily Devotional | Saturday AM

Daily Devotional | 3.31.2019

I’m waking up amid the pines of East Texas, visiting my Mom. The air is cool and brisk from the cold front passing through the serene solitude of my childhood home. There are lots of memories present here. Today would have been my Dad’s 84th birthday. This past Monday, marked 11 years since his passing. … Continue reading Daily Devotional | 3.31.2019

3 Things Pastor Mark Jones Taught Me

Pastor Mark Jones encouraged me early and often in my pursuit of writing for the Kingdom. He avidly read my blog and shared his thoughts on different posts I published, frequently offering an encouraging word or helpful insight. In this moment, I pray that the Lord would give me the words to share about my … Continue reading 3 Things Pastor Mark Jones Taught Me