Wednesday Wisdom | What is Discipleship?

Life is hard. People are messy. I’m not perfect. I believe these three truths go a long way toward informing our working definition of discipleship. Have you been discipled? Are you currently discipling someone? How is that going? The goal of discipleship is to help people grow to become more like Jesus. Helping Christians live … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom | What is Discipleship?

Saturday Scripture | Why Believers Should Belong to a Local Church

Welcome to another installment of Saturday Scripture. I’m glad you chose to join us as we explore the Apostle Paul’s letter titled “Ephesians.” As we discussed in previous posts, the letter is believed to be a circular letter intended to be shared among the local churches throughout the Asia Minor region and not solely intended … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | Why Believers Should Belong to a Local Church

Evening Prayer 12 | Mentoring

How did you spend the 1440 minutes God granted you today? Maybe you started the day investing in your relationship with the Lord by spending your early morning hours in prayer, talking to God, and meditating on Scripture. Perhaps, in addition to nurturing your walk with the Lord, you spent part of your time on … Continue reading Evening Prayer 12 | Mentoring