Sunday Prayer | Praising God in Prayer

Good morning! I pray all is well with you and those you love on this Lord’s Day. Prayer and praise are wonderful opportunities to communicate and commune with God. The opening chapters of 1 Samuel provide us with a beautiful picture of prayer and praise through the eyes and from the heart of Hannah. No … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | Praising God in Prayer

Morning Prayer 13 | Kindness

We can all agree this present world of ours needs more kindness. Individually, we may not be able to do much about the vitriolic, venomous rhetoric dominating our national discussions, but we can do something about impacting our own little circle of influence by intentionally injecting more kindness into our daily discourse and interactions with … Continue reading Morning Prayer 13 | Kindness

The Darkness Shall Not Defeat the Light

My heart aches for the people of Sutherland Springs in the wake of the senseless act of violence that disrupted Sunday services at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs and extinguished the bright shining lights of a number of God's faithful. We live in a world where these types of acts are all too common … Continue reading The Darkness Shall Not Defeat the Light