Sunday Morning Prayer | Pursuing Excellence

I’ve heard it said that good is the enemy of great. Pursuing excellence is a way that believers reveal the character of God to others. God delights in excellence. Our Lord is not mediocre. He is great, majestic, and beyond whatever we could ever imagine. God is not slack in the work He does or … Continue reading Sunday Morning Prayer | Pursuing Excellence

Sunday Prayer | Things That Distract Me From God

Sitting outside on the patio, drinking my morning coffee, I prepare myself for prayer time. A tiny gnat, likely kin to the No-See-Um family, is buzzing around my head, safely hidden in my blind spot. It’s super annoying and highly distracting. Breathe. During my morning prayer time I have been utilizing an app to help … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | Things That Distract Me From God

Sunday Prayer | The Practice of Prayer

Prayer is a foundational practice for us as believers, modeled for us repeatedly throughout the New Testament by Jesus, himself. Christ prayed before He did anything. Jesus prayed before being baptized and he prayed before embarking on his public ministry. He lived a lifestyle of prayer. In our troubled and turbulent times, there is ample … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | The Practice of Prayer