Psalm Saturday: Memorial Day Review

For the past several Saturdays, we've looked at what the psalms say about prayer and examined the prayers contained in them. We plan to continue that over the Summer. Since we're celebrating Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted to glance back at the Psalm Saturday series and list the weekly offerings in one post for the … Continue reading Psalm Saturday: Memorial Day Review

Psalm Saturday: Psalm One Devotional

Psalm One is one of the best known and most beloved psalms, summarizing the two roads of life people can choose: a) the way of the righteous and b) the way of the wicked. There is a right way and a wrong way. The right way leads us closer to God. The wrong way leads … Continue reading Psalm Saturday: Psalm One Devotional

Psalm 1: Living Life in the Light of God

As a worship musician and lover of Scripture, the book of Psalms ranks high on my list of Bible favorites. Filled with songs of praise, Psalms is considered to be the songbook of the Bible. According to the notes of bible scholar Tom Constable, the title of this beloved book of the bible is Tehillim … Continue reading Psalm 1: Living Life in the Light of God