Psalm Saturday | In Awe and Wonder

In Psalm 114, the psalmist recalls the events surrounding the exodus and celebrates God’s sovereign watch over the Israelites, His covenant people. Like Psalm 113, the Israelites sang this psalm at Passover. The psalmist personifies the Red Sea, describing it as being able to see the Israelites coming and in response, fleeing from them by … Continue reading Psalm Saturday | In Awe and Wonder

Do Not Fear

fear An attitude of anxiety or distress, caused by concern over a threat to one’s future. Scripture provides numerous examples of situations in which fear is experienced. It declares, however, that God alone is to be feared, and moments of human fear can be opportunities for deepening faith in him.[1] Folks gathered into the small … Continue reading Do Not Fear

Reverence in the Age of Tolerance

In the Age of Tolerance, whatever happened to reverence? In its most basic form, reverence connotes both a sense of terror as well as a sense of awe and worship. Reverence describes a feeling or attitude of deep respect, marked with wonder and veneration. Veneration is manifested through holding someone in high esteem or admiring … Continue reading Reverence in the Age of Tolerance