Sunday Prayer | The Sun Shines After the Rain

It is challenging to cultivate an attitude of gratitdue in a world crying in discord, screaming in anguish, and burning with rage. Amid the divisive vitrol spewing forth from every crack and crevice of society, you might lose sight of anything good or positive in the world. My mom has a saying she imparts anytime … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | The Sun Shines After the Rain

Sunday Prayer |Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time when we as a nation commemorate those who gave their all on the battlefield, making the ultimate sacrifice so that we could experience abundant freedoms like no other people have enjoyed before in history.  We have much to be thankful and grateful for, even if it seems like we are … Continue reading Sunday Prayer |Memorial Day

Sunday Prayer | 3.3.2019

Lent officially begins this coming Wednesday, March 6. If you're like me, your head may be spinning trying to comprehend that it is already March. But, hey, ready or not, here it is. What is Lent? Lent is a solemn religious Christian observance beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending approximately six weeks later, just before … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | 3.3.2019