Psalm Saturday: God is Praiseworthy All the Time!

Our late friend and worship pastor Mark Jones loved to rejoice in God’s goodness. Oftentimes, he could be heard declaring,  “God is good all the time and all the time God is good.” In Psalm 92, the unknown psalmist verbally praises the Lord for His goodness demonstrated through His acts and the righteousness of His … Continue reading Psalm Saturday: God is Praiseworthy All the Time!

Psalm 63: God is Trustworthy

Hard to believe that it is Saturday again already. Has your week flown by like mine? The temperatures sure are creeping up here in Texas. I'm not sure we're quite ready for triple-digit days here in the DFW metroplex, but ready or not, they have arrived. There's something about sunny weather that makes me smile. … Continue reading Psalm 63: God is Trustworthy

Be the Change You Want to See

Monday morning signals the start of another work week. With it comes the opportunity to invest in others by building relationship, lending an ear, and stretching out a helping hand. The difference we would like to see in our world flows from us out into the world we inhabit. Change rests with us. And as … Continue reading Be the Change You Want to See