Words Tangled Up in God

For me, faith, writing, and recovery are intrinsically connected. These three very different things are intertwined, tangled threads of a beautiful tapestry. I wrote my first stories as a young boy. Growing up an only child left me ample time to employ my imagination. Through the years, my writing benefited from excellent teachers and mentors, … Continue reading Words Tangled Up in God

Being a Christian Writer

The world likes to put people in boxes. We like genres and categories. They help us identify who belongs where. More importantly, labeling things helps us know where we belong. In this seemingly hap hazard world we inhabit, giving things a name provides us comfort. It’s a principle that goes back to the most ancient … Continue reading Being a Christian Writer

Putting Words on Paper

You want to write but you don’t know what to write about. Your mind is racing with thoughts, ideas, and characters, yet you are having a hard time focusing on a subject long enough to put words together to form your first sentence. At times, it seems like everyone has already written everything there is … Continue reading Putting Words on Paper