Sunday Prayer | October 11, 2020

Prayer is a vital part of any believers walk with God. Our time spent in close communion with God is precious. We know from Genesis 2:8 that the Lord walked in Eden in the evening, when there was a breeze. The passage goes on to show us God looking for Adam and Eve. His creation … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | October 11, 2020

Sunday Prayer | The Practice of Prayer

Prayer is a foundational practice for us as believers, modeled for us repeatedly throughout the New Testament by Jesus, himself. Christ prayed before He did anything. Jesus prayed before being baptized and he prayed before embarking on his public ministry. He lived a lifestyle of prayer. In our troubled and turbulent times, there is ample … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | The Practice of Prayer

Sunday Prayer | Living a Life of Prayer and Praise

The Apostle Paul ends the first chapter of Ephesians with a prayer of thanksgiving. Ephesians affirms that Paul was truly a man of prayer and praise who lived life in accordance with his convictions. He not only talked the talk; Paul also walked it. “For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | Living a Life of Prayer and Praise