The COVID-19 Devotionals | Integrating Faith & Work During a Global Crisis

A crisis provides us the opportunity to demonstrate our faith at work. Our coworkers who know that we are Jesus followers often look to us the most when times in our world are the most difficult. We are either pointing people to Jesus or pushing them away. What impact does the COVID-19 pandemic have on your ability to be a person of faith at work?

Sharing Your Personal God Story

Tuesday, I shared my personal testimony with my fellow team members at the Operation Christmas Child Processing Center in Dallas, Texas. In serving as their team chaplain, it is my desire to be authentic, genuine,  and transparent with each individual on the team. Usually, I'm happy to share my God story with others, but today … Continue reading Sharing Your Personal God Story

Encouragement for Battling the Angst of Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be hard. There are a lot of questions begging to be asked aside from when is payday.  How will you fit in? What value can you add? Can you make a difference? Anytime we venture into something new, even if it is something old and familiar that we are clearly … Continue reading Encouragement for Battling the Angst of Starting a New Job