My Monday Morning Cup | By the Grace of God

To begin something new you have to move on from something old. Twenty-four years ago, coming off a 30+ plus day alcohol and drug-fueled binge, God began a new work in me. It is not a journey I chose for myself, but rather one that God offered to me. My story could have ended in … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | By the Grace of God

Sunday Prayer | God Exalted Over All

When we exalt someone, we hold them in high regard. We revere them. We praise them. We speak highly of them. We give them glory. We sing their acclaims. For the believer, this is the way it is with our God. We worship our Lord. We laud and magnify His great name. We pay tribute … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | God Exalted Over All

Ministering Down at the Mission

Pulling into the UGM parking lot, we were quickly overwhelmed by the number of men filling the chapel hall, an old converted gym. None of us recalled seeing so many men gathered at God's house on Calvert Street during any of our previous visits. The temperatures had been cold in recent weeks, no doubt one … Continue reading Ministering Down at the Mission