31 Days of Praise | Day 10 God’s Patience Strengthens Our Perseverance

The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. 2 Peter 3:9 (ESV)

Peter states that the Lord does not wish anyone to perish, but for everyone to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. Peter’s statement applies to those saved and those who, to this day, remain unsaved. The gift of salvation is available to all of us if we choose to accept it.

God has not forgotten His promise. The Lord did not lie when He promised He would return. God remains to be able to fulfill His promise on any day, at any time. While we may grow anxious, the Lord is patiently waiting to fulfill His promise so that people will have time to repent. From studying Scripture, we learn that unbelievers remaining on the earth after the Rapture will be able but it is better for them if they do so beforehand. After the 70-year Tribulation, many will continue to be saved, although it will be more difficult for them to repent and believe.

Praise God

Repentance means that we’ve had a change in our outlook. We no longer view the purpose of life the same way we once did before we came to know Jesus. When we repent, we turn away from our old lifestyle and begin living life in a new way. We move from a self-focused life to a life viewed through our God-lens, seeking to do what is pleasing to the Lord, our God.

God is patient and long-suffering when it comes to our salvation. He gives everyone every opportunity to choose Him. While we wait for His return, we must rely on God’s supernatural strength to empower us with the ability to persevere. With God for us, who can stop us?


Three Bold Truths to Hang Onto During Difficult Times

Even as believers, sometimes life kicks us in the gut. We get caught off guard and punched in the face out of the blue. Our world rocks, our faith shakes, our spirit trembles. You pick up the phone to learn a loved one is in harm’s way or that they fell and broke a bone. You go to bed next to your spouse, knowing tomorrow  the two of you will continue doing life together. Morning comes, and you awake only to discover that the Lord has called your soul mate home. Your family goes on a trip, you wish them well, expecting them to return home safe and sound, but another driver wipes them out and wrecks your life in the process. What do you do when life violently shakes you to your core?

Honestly, if you aren’t a believer, I don’t know what you do. I can’t tell you how to cope or make sense of it all. Because it doesn’t.


But, as a believer, I can share these three bold truths with you as a means of encouraging you during your time of tribulation.

As a believer, remember your commitment to Christ. Because you have placed your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are able to stand on his promises, lean on his strength, and rest in his power.

In addition to being rooted in Christ, your faith is firmly grounded in God’s Word. The Bible will give you nourishment and gird your faith during difficult times. Scripture is your anchor through life’s storms and trials.

Remember, you are not alone. As a believer and follower of Christ, you have an entire community to draw upon. They will walk with you, alongside you, encouraging and comforting you as you battle the troubles of this world.

These are three bold truths that believers can hold onto during difficult times.