Friday Devotional | October 16, 2020

The chill blew in yesterday afternoon and the ground is littered with leaves and pine needles. It’s only a glimpse of the season to come. While temperatures today won’t get out of the fifties, I’m told we will see temperatures near ninety by Sunday before settling into the seventies. Some days, it can be hard … Continue reading Friday Devotional | October 16, 2020

Saturday Scripture | Christ, Our Peace

Last week, we briefly looked at the grace we have in God through Christ. Before our salvation, we were one way. Afterward, we are another. We are different relationally and positionally in connection to God. We are no longer apart from God, but rather a member of the body called to do the work He … Continue reading Saturday Scripture | Christ, Our Peace

My Monday Morning Cup | May My Words Fuel Life

A friend of mine likes to quip that it's hard to remember your job is to drain the pond when you're standing knee deep in alligators. In a world filled with turbulence and turmoil, it can be easy for us, as believers, to lose sight of what we are called to do. In his letter … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | May My Words Fuel Life