Remembering 9-11 | Never Forget

Today marks twenty years since the attack on America by Al-Qaeda terrorists who hijacked four commercial aircraft, hurdling two planes into the Twin Towers of New York City’s World Trade Center and plummeting a third plane into the Pentagon. A fourth aircraft, Flight 93, crashed after courageous passengers sacrificed their lives to prevent the terrorists … Continue reading Remembering 9-11 | Never Forget

My Monday Morning Cup | On The Eve of The Election

While I spent time in my old hometown, I had the chance to watch a ton of Tonight Show reruns featuring the late, iconic Johnny Carson. Each night, the show that that the oldies network showed focused on several elections that occurred during the time Carson hosted the Tonight Show. In particular, Johnny focused on … Continue reading My Monday Morning Cup | On The Eve of The Election

Sunday Prayer | November 1, 2020

I hope you have had a joyous Sunday. The weather here has been beautiful all day. Church this morning was a precious time. I enjoyed seeing people I had not seen face to face in a number of weeks. Last week was a busy week, but Mom's recovery continues to go well. She has made … Continue reading Sunday Prayer | November 1, 2020