Encouragement for Battling the Angst of Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be hard. There are a lot of questions begging to be asked aside from when is payday.  How will you fit in? What value can you add? Can you make a difference? Anytime we venture into something new, even if it is something old and familiar that we are clearly … Continue reading Encouragement for Battling the Angst of Starting a New Job

Shine: Dare to be Different

It can be easy to get down on yourself. Most of us experience highs and lows during our journey. What God values is different than what society holds in high regard. Not always, but usually. Looking around, we get caught up in the comparison trap. We yearn for yesterday or hunger for tomorrow while missing … Continue reading Shine: Dare to be Different

Life Matters

It’s been a tough year in so many ways. I’ve watched brothers and sisters suffer and battle courageously as their bodies were ravaged by unexpected disease and witnessed the lives of those they love shattered by their loss. I’ve shuddered at the sheer evil of malevolent groups like ISIS killing sweet, innocent children who did … Continue reading Life Matters