RE:View “Split the Sky”-Chris Quilala

With the release of his debut solo project, “Split the Sky” veteran Jesus Culture worship leader Chris Quilala revives 80s style electronic beats and synth sounds while producing theologically sound  songs. From its beginning notes, “Split the Sky” has a very ethereal feel, mimicking the charismatic Christian contemporary sounds of worship giants like Jesus Culture … Continue reading RE:View “Split the Sky”-Chris Quilala

New Music Review: Your Mercy/Paul Baloche

Capturing your ear from the very first notes, Paul Baloche’s latest musical offering, Your Mercy, is a magnificent labor of love. Reportedly recorded live in a Brooklyn recording studio over multiple nights, this new project features 12 songs that Baloche wrote with the help of several fellow Christian artists including Matt Redman, Meredith Andrews, All Sons … Continue reading New Music Review: Your Mercy/Paul Baloche

Making A Joyful Noise

In the Old Testament, the primary use of music in Biblical times centered in the worship of God. The Hebrews would often worship the Lord with song tied to special events, like after God parted the Red Sea leading the Hebrews out of captivity from Egypt or when the Ark was returned to Jerusalem. King … Continue reading Making A Joyful Noise