Wednesday Devotional | October 21, 2020

You wake up some days and you don’t feel like writing. Tuesday was that day for me. Maybe it was the ragweed or whatever jacking with my head, but I didn’t feel very creative Tuesday. It’s almost time for bed and I am typing out the words for Wednesday’s post. What do you do when … Continue reading Wednesday Devotional | October 21, 2020

Sharing is Caring: 5 Faith Blogs I Follow

Growing a successful blog is challenging. Like most things, you have to keep after it. Persistence matters. You must also be willing to invest significant time into developing your blog. Time is a precious resource that spends itself whether or not we are intentional in how we use it. It’s up to you to spend … Continue reading Sharing is Caring: 5 Faith Blogs I Follow

Every Moment is a Fresh Beginning

A new year brings with it the opportunity for a fresh beginning. As 2018 ended, so did my time serving on the Board of Directors for the Writers Guild of Texas, a local group encouraging, educating, and engaging regional writers scattered throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. While one chapter closes, the page turns and the … Continue reading Every Moment is a Fresh Beginning